How Does It Work?

A Take 2 Minutes user. You choose your delivery schedule. It can be daily, weekdays, weekends, every other day, or whatever you want, and you also pick the time, we will then send you an informational or otherwise positive text message at the times and days you have chosen.

Take 2 Minutes is Free to Join, and you can cancel at any time. Upon joining, you get full access for 15 days at no cost and no credit card is required to join. After your 15 full service trial you are automatically assigned our free level of service.

More Information!

We have over 1700 positive messages ready to send to you.

Over 30900 users have received our positive messages; join the list!

You can vote on the messages you like by responding (based on a 5-start system) or by simply using tapbacks.

We have many, many more features and activities besides daily positive text messages. Check out our full list of activities.

We feature a robust chatbot that allows you to send requests and participate in activities via text (SMS).

Here is a message that was recently liked by a subscriber in California: "There is an old expression “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” This saying equates honey to being even-tempered and vinegar with being ill-tempered. Saying that you will win over more people more easily by being polite and kind. Nice and polite requests often work better."

Over 2943 messages have been sent to our subscribers today.

How Do I Start Getting Positive Messages?

Simply sign up for our services and you are instantly setup to begin receiving our Positive Messages. Normally you will get your first message within 90 minutes of signing up.

Having a bad day? Text us a now request and we will quickly get a positive message sent right out to you.

Our system is built on a robust Chatbot that allows you to send messages and requests back to use more of our services. We have have a full texting cheatsheet that overview some of the commands and requests that you can make.