The Challenge

A Take 2 Minutes user. Barbara Fredrickson said, "The negative screams at you but the positive only whispers."

We are hardwired to remember the NEGATIVE. Media uses this to get our attention. Negativity GRABS our attention while the positive waits for us to notice. One way to decrease the negativity in your life is to dispute negative thoughts. We all have the skills of disputing, and we use them whenever someone falsely accuses us of something.

Overall, there are fewer positive emotions than there are negative ones. For every positive emotion, there are three or four negative emotions

What Can You Do?

Learn to turn up the volume of the POSITIVE THINGS in your everyday life.

The exercises within Take 2 Minutes help you recognize the positives all around you every day. Our activities like the Gratitude Challenge, Gratitude Journaling, and Three Good Things all help you identify the positive things in your life.

The Exercise

Just before you sleep Take 2 Minutes will send you a text with a link to remind you to ask yourself, "What are 3 Good Things that went well today and what was my role?"

That's all there is to it! The ideal time is 90 minutes before you go to bed.

What good are positive emotions?

This question was the title of a groundbreaking article by Barbara Fredrickson, published in the Review of General Psychology in 1998. In the article, Fredrickson forwards a novel theory of positive emotions, arguing that they serve to broaden individuals' momentary thought-action repertoires, thereby contributing to good health and functioning.