Groups for Professionals

Professional watching Client Use Take 2 Minutes. If you are a teacher, professor, counselor, or therapist then you can setup a private group that does not share data with the group members. This will allow you to add members to your group and see an overview of their activities for any time period.

Anonymous Groups

Group of friends using Take 2 Minutes together. From our discussions with schools, we understood that some schools would like to use Take 2 Minutes, but have concerns about privacy. Specifically, seeing the student's name next to their summary data. For you, we created anonymous groups. With an anonymous group, you can still make the group private (meaning by invite or authorization only); however, for the data summary page, names are not displayed.

This type of group could also work for employers who want to see the general mood of their employees and how it trends over time. For instance, maybe how the usage of Take 2 Minutes has improved the general mood of your employees?

Shared Groups

Manager using Take 2 Minutes with team. Shared groups were designed for friends, family, and social groups who want to let every group member see everyone's summary of activities. A Shared Group basically allows all group member to see everyone's activity summary. A shared group can still hide group members telephone numbers, and can be private (by invite or authorization only).

So Many Options

Ultimately, your group can be public or private, your group can be fully anonymous or simply hide phone numbers, your group can allow all members to see everyone's summary data or only you can see summary data, and you can include or exclude yourself from the group.

Another option is for Influencers is you can setup your group as a public group and share your group code on social media. Then as people join you can track how many users you have introduced to Take 2 Minutes! If can be fun for all of your followers to be able to see each others activities. For this usage we would recommend hiding member's phone numbers (this also hides your phone number from others).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Groups do not allow anyone to see member's data entries. For instance, no one can see specific gratitude journal entries, three good things entries, or any other data that is entered by a user. The only data that is shared is a summary of activities.

Reminder: Only certain subscription levels allow access to groups. Please contact us for any special requests. We are happy to work with you to add features you may need.