The Power of Affirmations

The Power of Affirmations Image‚Äč We all know that setting goals is a good way to keep track of what you want to achieve in life. But did you know that in addition to writing out your goals, writing out daily affirmations makes it even more likely that you will achieve those goals? The word affirm means "to state positively; to maintain as true." An affirmation is a positive statement that helps you consciously focus on your thoughts. By stating your goals as affirmations that are ALREADY true, you're essentially manifesting them into reality.

How do affirmations work?

Our brains are fascinating things. A study by psychology experts at Queen's University in Canada suggests that humans have over 6,000 thoughts in a day. And up to 80% of those thoughts are negative. That's a lot of negativity in our lives! And since no two thoughts can occupy the same brain space at one time, that doesn't leave us much room for positive thinking.

The act of writing out affirmations forces our brains to focus on something positive each day. By doing this we're overriding our subconscious and taking control of our thoughts. We're focusing our attention toward the things we want to be true.

Why is this important?

As we move about our day, our subconscious is then looking for opportunities to bring our affirmations to life. Essentially, you're helping your mind prioritize positivity over negativity. You're forcing your brain to find ways to override those negative thoughts we are so conditioned to having.

Let's look at an example.

If one of my goals is to increase my net worth, I might write a daily affirmation that goes something like this:

"Money flows freely to me as I move through the world."

Great. It's one thing to say it, but you might be wondering how writing this simple sentence in a journal each day is actually going to bring money into your life. It's not as easy as just writing it down and then buying a lottery ticket.

Because you wrote this affirmation and forced your brain to consciously focus on it, your subconscious will now be on the lookout for opportunities to bring money into your life. Maybe an internal job posting for a promotion catches your eye, when you normally would have just looked past it and gone about your day. Maybe you're inspired to increase your 401k contribution, or refinance your mortgage for a lower interest rate. Maybe you finally decide to look into that side hustle you've been dreaming about.

Over time, small actions add up and money really does begin to flow freely into your life. It's not a quick fix or an instant gratification, but if you stick with it, you are training your mind to open itself up to opportunities that you may have otherwise overlooked.

What you focus on you create more of.   -Jen Sincero, You Are a Badass at Making Money

How do I get started using affirmations?

Getting started is super simple. Just grab a piece of paper and a pen and start writing. Start with 3-5 sentences that you can write out daily. No need for a fancy journal or expensive notebook (unless that's your thing.) You can simply grab a spiral bound notebook from the dollar store and keep it on your nightstand or at your desk.

I prefer to write out my affirmations as part of my morning routine. I start with writing out things I'm grateful for each day, then focus on my affirmations. Write them down every day, then re-read them and really let them sink in. As you go about your day your affirmations will be on your conscious mind, working away in the background to manifest your goals into reality.

What affirmations should I choose?

Think about what is important to you right now. What are your goals for the year? Then choose affirmations that will help you achieve those things. Here are a few you can use to get started:

Affirmations for Wealth
  • Money is a tool that can change my life for the better.
  • I control money. Money doesn't control me.
  • Money flows freely to me.
  • I am debt-free and financially independent.
  • I make [insert amount of money] per year.
  • My income exceeds my expenses.
  • I have countless opportunities to make money.
  • My debt doesn't control me.
Affirmations for Health
  • I am a friend to my body.
  • I choose thoughts that create a healthy atmosphere around me.
  • My body heals itself.
  • I make choices with mindfulness and intention.
  • I treat my body to the love and kindness it deserves.
  • Perfect health exists in my body.
  • I am well. I am whole. I am strong.
  • I choose healthy foods every day.
Affirmations for Confidence
  • I have limitless potential.
  • Everything is possible.
  • I believe in my abilities.
  • I am brave.
  • Miracles are taking place in my life.
  • I am worthy of having everything I want.
  • There is nothing that I can't overcome.
  • Self-confidence comes naturally to me.

Now that you have some options to choose from, feel free to personalize them to meet your needs. Commit to a new habit of writing your affirmations out each day, and watch your brain shift into a positive and powerful place.

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