How Can Take2Minutes Support Mental Health for Businesses?

Mental health concerns are nothing new, but the stigma surrounding seeking treatment and care has only recently begun to unravel.

Fortunately, people are more comfortable finding solutions for their mental wellness and prioritizing self-care. For many, it's become essential to work for an organization that supports their journey and provides mental health services to employees.

Even if mental healthcare is available to your employees, it's not always accessible. Copays for therapy and counseling can be expensive (if these services are covered at all).

Some people have anxiety about seeking in-person support, preferring anonymity. Others need more support beyond their bi-weekly or monthly therapy sessions. But everyone can benefit from mental health resources they can access every day to stay positive, motivated, encouraged, and inspired.

You might be wondering how you can provide valuable mental health support tools to your employees. Whether you're a small business owner or a larger company hoping to add daily tools that support your team's well-being, Take2Minutes offers an impactful, affordable way to do that.

Take2Minutes is an innovative way to support the mental wellness journey of both individuals and teams.
  • Guided Meditations
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Daily Positive Messages
  • Daily Mood Check-In
  • Personal Assessment Tools
  • Individual and Group Challenges
  • Sleep Audio

Take2Minutes has been such a great experience for me. A team that is healthy and grounded in gratitude and appreciation for each other helps achieve better things.   -Paul Holway, Centric Consulting

Make It a Group Challenge

How Can Take2Minutes Support Mental Health for Businesses? Image While any personal information entered by a user in tools like journals remains private, you have the option to create group accountability by sharing which activities each team member completes and how often.

Some organizations offer prizes or incentives for completing challenges or using the Take2Minutes tools consistently. And using these tools consistently can make them more effective in helping to support overall mental health and well-being.

Businesses and groups of all sizes are welcome. Take2Minutes offers packages of up to 50 subscription licenses, and you can create multiple groups within your organization by shared goals or department.

The Results? A Team That:
  • Engages as a Group
  • Feels Valued and Supported
  • Invests in Their Well-Being
  • Develops Trust
  • Grows Their Confidence
  • Works to Their Full Potential

Studies consistently show that activities promoting awareness, gratitude, and reflection positively impact an individual's well-being and relationships with others. That can help your employees and peers: Rise to their full potential, Create a more positive company culture, Increase productivity, and Retain the valuable people at your organization.

Customize Take2Minutes to Work for You and Your Team

How Can Take2Minutes Support Mental Health for Businesses? Image There are several options for maintaining user privacy and sharing specific usage data within the group function.

As a group admin, you can control what activity is visible to other members to create the right experience for your team and their mental health goals.

Quickly and easily view your group stats so you can facilitate meaningful challenges and gain insights about which tools are most helpful for your team.

For more information about how Take 2 Minutes can work with your company, group, or team reach out to us.

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