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Anxiety has become a crippling frustration in our society. Brought on by fast news cycles, angry social media, job stress, and family responsibilities it's difficult to know how to address the stress and fear that appear in our lives. Counseling and learning which tools work best for you will help create the most benevolent outcome for your situation.


I work with many people on both sides of divorce who are living through the confusion caused by the separation and end of a coupling they once believed would last a lifetime. Receiving assistance through the shock, anger, negotiation and eventual end, I am always in joy to see smiles re enter the lives of my clients as they rediscover themselves and their purpose.

Stress of Caring for Elderly Parents

I love working with individuals who are caring for their elderly parents and are in the process of helping one or both parents keep independence or helping them relax into receiving the care they deserve. It's never an easy time to feel as though the tables are turned and you have to lead your parents. I know from personal experience how this experience challenges and changes you.

Whatever your source of anxiety, find some peace as you work to discover the tools that will work the best for you.

I love using a combination of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and Mindfulness techniques that will serve you for your lifetime. I received my Certification in Mindfulness at the UMassMed Center for Mindfulness in Boston, MA in 2012 and continue to refine the techniques today. I received my Master of Arts at Naropa University in Boulder, CO.

My clients live throughout the State of Colorado and the locals live in Longmont, Berthoud, Loveland, and Fort Collins, CO. Many of my clients use online appointments.


Inner Voice Counseling
1506 Mount Meeker Ave
Berthoud, CO  80513

Helping you create tools to help with anxiety and life stresses.


Sliding Scale between $110-$135. You choose your rate.
Lower Fee Accepted for fixed income. Check for availability.
Medical Savings Accounts Accepted
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Life Transitions

Caregiver (Elderly Parent) Anxiety & Burnout

Coping Skills


Family Conflict

Life Coaching

Relationship Issues

Self Esteem

Sleep or Insomnia



Treatment Types


Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Compassion Focused

Mindfulness Based (MBCT)

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Positive Psychology

Somatic Methods