Daily Positive Messages

Our daily positive messages are the base of our service offering. As a full-service subscriber, you can get a positive message delivered every day, or only on the days you desire. However, you are not required to receive these messages if they are not your cup of tea. Subscribers can text back to the system 'pause positive messages' to put a pause on the daily positive messages and simply use the other services and activities we offer.

With a full-service, paid subscription you get the most out of our messaging. We have incorporated gentle nudges into the daily positive messaging in attempts to get you to partake in more positive activities. For instance, with one of your positive messages, you may get a gentle nudge to try to make a gratitude journal. Gratitude journaling is a great way to recognize gratefulness and in-turn for you to recognize happiness and positivity.

Our Texting Chatbot

A big part of Take 2 Minutes is how we use text messaging to engage you. If you receive the positive messages, as a full service subscriber, those messages will often include nudges in an attempt to get you to do more. We have developed a robust chatbot that allows you to text messages and get responses. Thus, our messaging goes beyond sending positive messages.

Are you wanting to make a gratitude journal entry? Send a text message that begins with 'I am grateful for ' ...and complete the sentence.

Are you wanting to meditate? Send a text message asking for a meditation.

Are you wanting a 5 minute meditation spoken by a female? Just ask for that!

Are you wanting to setup reminders to gratitude journal every day at 7 am? You guessed it, send a message 'setup gratitude reminders at 7 am'

Are you feeling a little anxious? Just tell the chatbot and you will get a meditation focused on easing anxiety along with a link to a grounding exercise.

...you get the idea. You can request almost anything from our robust chatbot. Also, all of our activities can be done via our mobile-first design progressive web app too. Speaking of the progressive web app, everything you do within the T2M system is stored in your account. You can sign in to the progressive web app and see all of your entries.

Back to messaging, we have worked hard to ensure our messaging chatbot is easy to use because we know, for many people with busy lives, the most simple way to make a request is a short text message.

* our texting cheatsheet is only meant to provide examples of how to make requests. The goal is not for you to memorize the texting commands. Instead, use your own words and make your own requests. Our chatbot should be able to understand what you are wanting. If it cannot, it alerts someone to help continue to make it better.