Our Services in the School Setting

  • It Is Easy to Use
    First, our system is largely text-based, which most students will understand and be using in no time. The only thing you must do is setup a group and share your group code with your students.
  • Setup a Group
    Use our groups functionality to create a group and invite your students to the group.
  • Assign Activities
    Make it part of your class assignment that each student must make 2-3 gratitude journal entries each week. You can then sign in to your account, go to your group summary page, load a date range, and check which students completed the gratitude journal entries.
  • Privacy Of Data
    The students actual entries are still private to them. It is like their personal diary. However, you, as the group owner, can see which days they made entries and how long those entries are. Giving you a sense if they entered a few words or a few paragraphs.
  • Other Activities?
    Are you teaching about dreams or the importance of sleep? Maybe have the class use our sleep activities and/or dream journaling.
  • Other Activities?
    Are you teaching about calming the mind? Assign meditation exercises each week. You can again use your group summary screen to see for how long each student meditated.
  • Other Activities?
    Are you wanting a specialized activity that we do not yet offer? Please reach out! We are always looking to add activities that help our users with positivity and mindfulness.
  • We're Here to Help
    If there is anything we can do to make our service better, please let us know!

Sample Group Activity Report