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  • Here is a message that was recently liked by a subscriber in California: "Reduce everything down to two situations: things you can control and things you cannot control. If you cannot control something then waste no time burning negative energy on it."

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Yesterday's Gratitude Cloud

What is a Gratitude Cloud?

When it comes to writing gratitude statements, some people are authors and some people are editors. An author can sit down and come up with a gratitude statement from scratch. An editor often does better when they are given ideas to help foster thoughts for their gratitude entries. Our gratitude cloud helps editors write better gratitude statements by showing a few key words from gratitude entries made by other users.

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 1   I'm grateful for take2mins because you guys help me to stay grounded.

 2   I am grateful for you helping me to have a positive life.

 3   Thank you so much for the gratitude challenge. You will never believe how timely it was for me and how it made me focus on the good and not bad. Through some bad news I honestly had to fight and make myself complete the gratitude text each morning but I did! And it always made me feel better. I would really love it if it was a continuous thing. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

 4   Keep it up! You're doing an awesome job and positively impacting a lot of people - probably in ways we don't even know.

 5   In the mist of loneliness and depression your creative dream has helped me many more times than I can count to bring me back to a good place. I've been in therapy for years and you guys have done more for me and I have gained more from you than all those years.